DSC01895 (700x1024)I went, on Saturday, to a yard sale in one of the more affluent subdivisions in town.   It advertised vintage jewelry and clothing.  When I arrived I found that the person holding the sale once owned a vintage shop.  I was late as I lollygagged the morning away and then decided as an afterthought to head out to check it out.  Most of the jewelry was already picked over, but I did find a few trinkets. 

One of the baggies I picked up was full of black stone beads in varying shapes and sizes and I spied this cameo pendant in among them.  The lady selling it said that it had been her Grandmothers and that it dated to the 1920’s.  The beads may, but the pendant is a newer one as it is made of plastic.  If it was from the 1920’s it would be made of the same stone as the necklace. 

I bought the beads and thought that I could put them to good use by stringing them into another necklace or bracelet.  Saturday evening I started to check them out a bit more and decided to string them into a necklace and that I was keeping it!  I believe in its previous DSC01894 (787x1024)incarnation that it was a long necklace as it was strung on string and had knots in between and as I laid out the beads in the pattern on the bit that was still together it appeared it would be very long as it only had two strands. 

Since I prefer my necklaces shorter I decided to make a triple strand necklace.  I was short on beads for one of the strands so added some Swarovski crystal beads that I had picked up somewhere.  In the end the new necklace is stunning and I am thrilled with it! 

It is really hard to get the cameo to show up on this one or the crystal beads to really sparkle, but take my word for it, it is STUNNING!  I am wondering if the black beads may be onyx beads.  It may be right for the time period if they are and they are definitely stone as they are very cool to the skin and have some weight to them. 

That is a lot of pretty for $1!