DSC01881 (522x1024) I recently joined the Delightful Dotee Yahoo group and jumped right in with the latest swap, a black and white Dotee. 

Since I tend to take instructions quite literally, I used no other colors, but black and white.  Normally, I embroider the faces, but couldn’t get my head wrapped around a Dotee with black eyes and lips.  It would be a Goth Dotee and to me they are happy little dollies and not Goth and scary. 

I used my rubber face stamps and some white fabric to give her a face.  Black ink on white fabric.  I surrounded her face with white buttons and clear and pearl beads.  Her body is embellished with more buttons, white seed beads and some letter beads that spell “wish”.  Her hanger is made using black and white seek beads along with clear beads.  The tail is black and white seed beads and a clear bead to finish it off.

DSC01882 (727x1024)

DSC01883 (768x1024)



I am really pleased with how she came out and it will be hard to send her away.  My partner is located in British Columbia so she will be headed to the north.  She is travelling internationally.  Perhaps she may pick up a bit of an accent.

I think I will name her Maree’  (rhymes with Paree’). 

What have you made lately?