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I have long admired Mary Ellen Kim’s designs.  I have been a faithful reader of her blog since I started my blog reading.  She is truly a nice lady and I enjoy seeing her creations around town.  They are lovely, they are vintage and they are inspiring! 

The last two issues of Crafts ‘N Things magazine have contained tutorials for a necklace and a button bracelet.  I played around last week making both. 

The pendant is one of my creations, but I love it on my attempt at Mary Ellen’s necklace. 

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I also love the button bracelet.  I love how she combines crochet, vintage beads and buttons.  The button bracelet tutorial is in the current issue on newsstands now. 

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Today is also my first day back at work.  For now I am working only 25 hours a week, but hope to be full-time in the near future.  I will work 4 day weeks with Fridays off.  Not a bad gig!  It will be nice having long weekends every weekend.  Not used to that schedule!  Wish me luck!