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I think one of the oddest expressions from my youth was “a couple three.”  As in “Bob, how many donuts would you like?”  “Oh I’ll have a couple three!”  It always stopped me in my tracks.  A couple is two and three is well, THREE.  But a couple three?  What the heck is that?  I never knew how many to give them.  If I gave two was that not enough, if I gave three then they might have too many.  I never knew how to proceed.  Do you know what I mean???

I showed you the charms that I received from the 3 charm swaps I participated in.  One with Cloth Paper Scissors and two with the Yahoo Mixed Media Art Friends.  That netted me 14 charms in total.  The first set from the MMAF group I put on a sterling charm bracelet that I thrifted for a $2.  For the second I decided to create a bracelet using my Kumihimo braider.  I picked out various yarns to give it some color, sparkle and texture.  I was very pleased with the result.  I initially tried using a ribbon end for the bracelet, but that was not the look I needed.  I then found some bead end caps on Ebay and decided to try it using those. 

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The braid is a bit stiff so it fits more like a bangle.  I like it that way.  I have a “thing” about jewelry fitting too tight.  Even my watch must be able to move a bit.  I know FREAK! 

I am definitely going to make more of the bracelets.  I threaded the split rings into the bracelet after it was completed.  On the future bracelets, I will incorporate them while braiding.  I will let you know which I prefer.   The braid for the bracelet was created using ribbon yarn, fun fur yarn, and metallic gold yarn. 

Another tip, too!  Did you know that Craig’s List has a category for arts and crafts?  I had been using the yard sale feed for some time, but only recently discovered the arts and crafts posts.  I met a lady today that was selling a lot of yarn from her stash to buy some embroidery supplies (her new passion).  For $20 I got 3 skeins of $14 per skein yarn, several skeins of Italian yarn, cotton yarns, more ribbon yarns.  I came away with over $100 worth of yarns for $20.  Check out your local arts and crafts posts.  You’ll be glad you did.