DSC01859 (767x1024)When you were in high school did you take home ec classes?  You learned to sew and cook and usually had to make something for a grade.  I faintly remember making an apron that I never wore and cooking a big dinner with my group for some of the teachers that had planning period during my home ec class time. 

We had to sit at the table, carry on dinner conversations, keep our elbows off the table and keep the food going around the table.  For that meal we served my Mom’s secret lasagna recipe.  It was the one that she always made for our family gatherings.  I loved it.  Thinking that my Mom would always be around I never kept a copy.  She passed away and unlike her dump cake that I found years later in a Mr. Food cookbook it went with her. 

Inspired by the home ec classes of my high school years and remembering the sewing samplers where we experimented with various stitches on the sewing machine.  I created the July ATCs for Kate’s Birthday ATC swap. 

DSC01860 (742x1024) DSC01861 (766x1024)

DSC01862 (768x1024)



It was created using two colorways of scissor fabric that I “pieced” together.  I stitched some fancy stitches with my sewing machine, and added a couple of miscellaneous buttons.  I wanted it to look thrown together.  Like it was made with scraps for practice.


What memories do you have of home ec class?