Thrifting is part luck, part hunch and mostly detective work.  To get good you have to listen to your gut and follow that hunch.  Sometimes that hunch is wrong and you lock up the wrong deal.  Other times it is dead on and you get to lock up a real find.  Such is my thrifty life. 

I had a second interview on Friday with a local company (two interviews this looks promising, but I am not getting my hopes up!).  I was in the neighborhood of one of my favorite treasure troves, Thrift for Life (formerly the Massey Cancer Center Thrift Store) on Patterson Avenue in the far west end.  It is a destination thrift shop as it is quite a bit off the beaten path. 

This thrift shop is not for the weary or faint of heart as it is packed to the gills with stuff.  You have to lean over stuff to look at other stuff, you need to watch your step as stuff is often in the aisles, and you need to reach really far to grab a bargain.  I usually find a lot of sewing notions there, but every so often I strike gold…LITERALLY!

DSC01825 (678x822)

They have drawers literally crammed with jewelry.  Bracelets, earrings, rings, necklaces, pins, etc.  They take a long time to go through them, but I never cease to leave with a treasure or 10!  I came upon this pendant and thought that the image on the front was kind of cool.  The back of it intrigued me even more.

DSC01826 (682x803)

It is a very bright gold color and the front is heavily textured.  I thought it might be real gold.  Some of the clues that it might be started to add up for me.  The bale that holds the pendant is soldered closed.  Why solder closed a fake gold pendant bale?  Also, the engraving on the lettering on the back is gold inside the letters.  Normally when fake gold is engraved it is dark inside as they are carving into the metal inside. 

I took it on Saturday to one of my local jewelers to ask them to test it for me.  It is genuine solid 14K gold and is larger than a quarter and smaller than a half dollar!  It is not marked anywhere on the pendant as both the jeweler and I checked.  I have a sterling coin charm bracelet that has one gold coin on it and I think this will be a nice addition to that bracelet. 

So I guess I can consider this case solved and this pendant my gold shield!  YESSSSSSS…a very good score for $1.50!