For as long as I can remember Fridays have always been a magical day.  When I was little it was Dad’s last day to work for the week so that meant he was bringing home pressies from the discount bakery store.  When I got in school it meant the next day I could sleep in and that I got to stay up extra late.  As an adult it means I get a couple days off from work to thrift shop and yard sale. 

Friday start the weekend, they let me know that I have a break, they give me time to search for yard sales in the paper and on Craig’s List.  It gives me time to plot and plan and to get my path right for the next couple of days. 

Friday means making decisions on what I will cook for the week ahead on Sunday.  I try to cook on Sunday and then free the dinners in single serve containers.  Then I can take it out to defrost in the morning and cook it when I get home.  I make a couple of different soups, chili and stews so that I can break up the meals during the week. 

When I was a teenager Fridays meant the dance at the local hangout.  We could dance and snack and laugh and have a lot of fun.  We could practice our bump, the funky chicken, or the electric slide.  There were always the favorite songs, many too long ago to recall.  Thankfully!

Sadly, Friday is also the gateway to the weekend and that flies by far too fast!  What is your favorite thing about Friday?