DSC01809 (734x1024)It is amazing to me (still) that people like my artwork.  It is humbling that they like it enough to want to swap with me.  It still leaves me speechless!

I was contacted last week by SilleSix.  She wanted to swap an ATC for this one that I created.  We agreed on the swap card I would receive and it went into the mail. 

I received this lovely card from her in trade.  I love the image, the embellishments and the collage she created. 

It is amazing to me how small the world is when it is centered around the art and craft world.  You consider people you have never met in person to be your friends, you forge bonds, you worry when they are in pain and you rejoice when they get good news. 

I have said it before, but what a wonderful crafty world we live in!  Perhaps heaven is held together with glitter and Alene’s tacky glue??