I created some charms for the Cloth Paper Scissors charm swap and mailed them back in April.  They were to be swapped on world charm day, June 12th.  In the mail over the weekend I received my charms for the exchange. 


DSC01813 (769x1024)




This metal charm was created by Beverly Levinson. 







DSC01814 (923x1024) 




This wee 3/4” poker chip charm with the eye was created by Vicki Jones.







DSC01816 (1024x853)




This lovely embroidered heart was created by Kathy Kerstetter.





DSC01817 (625x1024)




This charm created (I believe) from duct tape was made by Nizhoni Brown.







DSC01815 (1019x1024)




This lovely little piggy charm was created by Miranda Hapgood.







They enclosed a letter to tell us to check the September/October issue for pictures of the charms from the swap.  I can hardly wait to see if my charms made the cut.