The June birthdays for Kate’s Birthday ATC Swap were giving me a real block.  Try as I may I couldn’t get inspired to create the ATCs.  I was behind for the May birthdays (mailed out the very last day of the month) so needed to get inspired to get back on track.  Nothing.  Nada. Zip. Zilch.  I couldn’t come up with an idea.  The old inspiration mill was on empty!

I went thrifting on Thursday and at a local antique mall noticed a fabric that looked like a stone wall.  All of a sudden the light went on.  You could make an ATC with ivy climbing up the wall. 

DSC01810 (1024x721) DSC01811 (1024x755)

DSC01812 (1024x749)

The fabric is fused onto timtek to give it stiffness.  I then embroidered a running stitch across the card with green floss.  Then with the outline of the ivy done, I stitched with a fancy stitch on my machine along the green lines.  A tight zig zag finishes off the edges of the card.  The leaves are brass charms that I scored on Etsy


So I can cross that one off of my list and move on to brainstorming for the July birthdays.