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Last weekend I went to a few yard sales.  One held at a local Methodist church and the other a random sign I followed down the road.  The sale at the sign I followed was held in the garage since it was raining a bit that morning.  The garage was filled with antique glassware, costume jewelry, furs, and antique furniture.  The lady who was taking my money told me that it was her Aunt’s and Grandmother’s estates that she was selling.

I saw a ring in the jewelry.  It was a lion’s head that wrapped around the finger and ended with a tail.  It was really, really heavy, had green eyes and a stone (I thought) at the tip of the tail.  I thought it was cool looking and that someone would buy it from the shop I consign at.  I was certain it was costume as the mane was that kind of burnished gold color that is the tell tale “fake” gold color. 

It was dirty so I gave it a soak in Dawn dish liquid (fabulous for getting the grease and grime out of jewelry).  After cleaning it with a toothbrush to get some of the caked on stuff cleaned off I noticed some markings on the inside of the ring.  I got my magnifying glass to check it out and noticed the following letters/numbers:


That heavy ring that I thought was fake was heavy, heavy solid 14 karat gold!!!!!!!!  The eyes were cabochon emeralds and that coloring and stone on the tail was enameling! 

I about fell over in the kitchen when I made that discovery!  I stood there dancing my happy, happy SCORE dance!  And I bet you are wondering what I paid for this ring, aren’t you?

I paid the hefty sum of $1 for it!

That was my score of the year thus far!  I thought my Wedgwood brooch for 50 cents was, but this one is the new winner!  I love when I get lucky. 

I forgot to take a picture to show all of you as it has already been taken to the consignment shop to be sold.  So can you guess where I will be this weekend?  You got it! 

Somebody say cha-ching! 

DSC01784 (721x1024)



Another birthday ATC arrive yesterday from Sweden.  It is the creation of Lynne Turnbull.  I love the flower, the stitching and the beading.  Lovely!

She also sent along a stitched heart and a crocheted flower. 






DSC01786 (1024x779)

Angelique and I planned another 1:1 swap with the theme animals.  This is the ATC I received from her with her favorite animals on it.  I love her beading, her embroidery, and the sweet birdie picture. 


I would love to show you the one I sent to her, but I mailed it without taking a picture of it.  DOH!  I will have to wait until she receives it and takes a pic for me to show you.  Sorry!



Sorry for the brief post, but I have been really, really busy this week helping a friend rearrange her shop.  I am wiped out from the manual labor!  You’ll forgive me, right?

I participated in a charm swap with the Yahoo Mixed Media Artists group of which I am a member.  The categories I chose are fabric and game pieces.  I received my charms from the swap and they are awesome!  While out yard saling one weekend I bought a sterling charm bracelet for $3, so I am good to go.

These are the game piece charms I received.

DSC01773 (864x1024)

DSC01774 (446x1024)










DSC01775 (1024x582) DSC01777 (967x1024)


DSC01778 (586x1024)





They were created by Sharon DeHaemer using a marble, Penny Klaproth using a space marker and beads, Florence Speight using a mini domino, Brigitte using a Scrabble tile, and Becky Airstrup using a mini domino. They are all different and unique. 





The fabric charms I received were created by Elizabeth Dawson, Jane Eileen, Barbara Roberts (both of the middle charms), and Jackie Hefty.  They are all so great!

DSC01779 (433x1024)DSC01780 (664x1024)


DSC01781 (856x1024) DSC01782 (951x1024)


DSC01783 (967x1024)











I cannot wait to assemble my charm bracelet.  I participated in two other charm swaps.  Another in the mixed media group and the Cloth Paper Scissors charm swap.  The other mixed media swap is due in the next week or so, but the CPS will not be completed until mid-June. 

Do you think my charms are lovely?

DSC01772 (768x1024)

I helped a friend on Sunday with a real estate open house and fundraiser for the SPCA.  The house was an historic residence in Petersburg, VA.  The house, built in 1813 by a grain miller, was an awesome place outside and inside. 

The house was made of stone and the walls are over a foot thick.  The walls on the inside looked the same as the walls on the outside.  The house had taken a hit from a tornado several years back and lost only its roof and had a bit of damage to a wall.  Stone walls-1, tornado-0. 

DSC01770 (1024x766)  

I asked about the history of the house and why it had 2 front doors.  It was owned by a grain miller who used one side for his business and the other for his living quarters.  There is also two backdoors on the house in the exact same location and when both were opened it creates quite a draft which can slam doors mightily.  You can see pics of the interior of the house here

The owner read some of the documents and if I recall correctly it has 8 tons of rock in the walls.  There were wooden floors, exposed beams in the ceilings, and plenty of charm. 

The rain and cold kept most of the lookers away, but we had a nice afternoon with a couple of SPCA volunteers and the owner of the home and the few brave people that visited.  We raised a bit of money, too, for the SPCA. 

How did you spend your Sunday?

Since I have spent most of my life working in retail I know a lot of people.  I know faces, glasses, but names…not so much.  I have always been bad about remembering names.  I have also been bad about talking or acting before thinking. 

In high school there was a gang of girls that I hung out with.  There were 7 of us in all.  We spanned all the grades in the high school.  We gave each other nicknames.  There were a couple of girls that we nicknamed Huz.  We called them Huz-A, Huz-B, and Huz-E.  Tracy Jo was Huz-E. 

One day, several years later, I was walking in the local mall and thought that I saw Tracy.  She always had a big afro.  She was the only white girl I knew with a natural ‘fro growing up.  So I snuck up behind her and yelled, “HEY YOU HUZ-E!”  She turned around and I was mortified!  It was not her and it was not even a lady!  I thought that they were going to punch me out!  I explained the situation to them and they were cool, but for a few seconds my life flashed in front of my eyes!

How about you, what’s your name??

DSC01766 (614x1024)




He’s a bit stiff and some might even say wooden.






DSC01767 (681x1024)





A bit of a beatnic, somewhat artistic, and smartly dressed. 





DSC01765 (475x1024)



It was the French accent I couldn’t resist. 


He beckoned,  “Mon Cherie, pick moi!”






How could I just leave him there?  After all some other lady could have ended up his “Mon Cherie”.  I couldn’t have that, could I? 

DSC01764 (786x1024)



Last week’s theme for the MAMMA Challenge was to interpret the song Rhinestone Cowboy.  I never arrived at an idea for the card, so I didn’t participate last week.  MAMMA had a bit of a tumble so our next swap is due in two weeks.  I did receive a card from Nancy for the babywipe/words swap.  I love the background and the clown image she used. 






DSC01762 (1024x744) DSC01763 (1024x698)

I also received two more birthday ATCs from Silvia Triches (l) and Marina Armellini (r) from Italy.  I love the colors, the buttons and the bits of lace and ric rac. 


DSC01761 (1024x852)


I also received my MAD (Monthly Art Dolls) MAMMA swap doll for the April swap.  It was created by Sherry and is entitled Goth Moth. 

The doll for this month is made using a can.  Should be interesting.  I am still waiting for that spark to hit me. 





Anything fun in your mail box this week?

cf-lgMy friend, Kim, bought herself a new GPS and asked me if I would like her old one.  I braced myself for her to tell me the price she wanted for it and then try to come up with a reason not to get it.  After all, what do I need with a GPS?  Me, the Queen of Yahoo Maps with a GPS?  A person in my car to tell me where to go?  Why that would be sacrilege!

Then she said she was going to give it to me so I was all over that.  I tried it out on the way home.  Not listening to it, but watching it.  Seeing the streets I was passing scroll by on the screen, watching the intersections pass by.  Having that annoying voice tell me it was “recalculating” which is Garmin speak for “you messed up and made a wrong turn”. 

I was fascinated!  I had the maps printed out for my yard sales on Saturday.  I was hitting 3 church sales and had the route from one to the other starting at the farthest so I would be close to home when I finished. 

I happened on a neighborhood sale in a subdivision.  After twisting and turning through the streets, I had no idea where the heck I was at.  After finding an estate sale trying to get out of the subdivision and growing more lost and frustrated I decided to give the GPS a shot.  I entered the address of the next church sale I was headed for and pushed the go button.  Before I knew it I was parking at the church.  I was stunned!  It also lets you know that the turns are coming up at just the right time.  There is no slamming of the brakes so you don’t miss it! 

I spent last night updating the maps.  The maps were never updated on it since 2000!   I also downloaded a sassy little pink buggy for my car on the unit.  It seemed more girly than the blue sedan that was there.   Now I am sold on the whole GPS craze.  It is so cool!  I can even pull up thrift shops in the local area I happen to be in.  How cool is that!!!!!!

Now if I can just figure out how to get rid of the school marm that is hiding inside the device…

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