MAD (Monthly Art Dolls) MAMMA really challenged us this month.  We were to use a can to create an altered tin can doll.  It is based on the work of this lady.  It took me a long time to come up with the concept.  I had my empty caffeine free Diet Pepsi can for a while waiting for the inspiration to hit me. 

DSC01790 (733x1024) DSC01788 (826x1024)

After smashing and crumbling the can, I sanded it so that the paint would adhere to it.  I used acrylic paints to paint it and then used some purple inks for accenting.  The face is created using Sculpey clay and a face mold.  It sits in the bottom of the can.  I cut off the other end so the doll would be more flat. 

Her arms and legs are clothespin halves that were painted and inked.  They are affixed with wire threaded through buttons on the top and the bottom.  He legs are threaded using buttons on the back and then the wire is wrapped around at the top of the clothespin half.  A bit of trim is used for her skirt. 

She has a very serene look to her.  I am having trouble naming her.  Any suggestions?