When I was a little child cars didn’t have seatbelts or maybe they were pulled under the seats as we never EVER used them.  On long trips we would sleep on the back windowledge, on the floor or laying across the back seat.  I remember, too, that the national speed limit was 70 mph on the highways and surprise we LIVED!

We drank sodas colored with red dye number (insert whichever one is now banned) and we LIVED!  We ate raw cookie dough by the bowlful (raw eggs) and again we LIVED!  When we laid out in the sun we slathered ourselves with baby oil and we LIVED

It is amazing how many things we did when we were younger that are now considered either lethal, illegal or just plain not good and yet we LIVED!  In some cases we flourished

I guess life is all about seatbelts (limits) and living within them.  Limits are there for a reason and in the great game of life there has to be limits.  Life is all about odds and the odds are if you do certain things you will live a long and happy life. 

So I will wear my seatbelts (they have saved me in two accidents), I will ease up on the raw cookie dough (can’t stop altogether), and I will not eat things that are bad for me (well not too much of them). 

How about you?