Last weekend I went to a few yard sales.  One held at a local Methodist church and the other a random sign I followed down the road.  The sale at the sign I followed was held in the garage since it was raining a bit that morning.  The garage was filled with antique glassware, costume jewelry, furs, and antique furniture.  The lady who was taking my money told me that it was her Aunt’s and Grandmother’s estates that she was selling.

I saw a ring in the jewelry.  It was a lion’s head that wrapped around the finger and ended with a tail.  It was really, really heavy, had green eyes and a stone (I thought) at the tip of the tail.  I thought it was cool looking and that someone would buy it from the shop I consign at.  I was certain it was costume as the mane was that kind of burnished gold color that is the tell tale “fake” gold color. 

It was dirty so I gave it a soak in Dawn dish liquid (fabulous for getting the grease and grime out of jewelry).  After cleaning it with a toothbrush to get some of the caked on stuff cleaned off I noticed some markings on the inside of the ring.  I got my magnifying glass to check it out and noticed the following letters/numbers:


That heavy ring that I thought was fake was heavy, heavy solid 14 karat gold!!!!!!!!  The eyes were cabochon emeralds and that coloring and stone on the tail was enameling! 

I about fell over in the kitchen when I made that discovery!  I stood there dancing my happy, happy SCORE dance!  And I bet you are wondering what I paid for this ring, aren’t you?

I paid the hefty sum of $1 for it!

That was my score of the year thus far!  I thought my Wedgwood brooch for 50 cents was, but this one is the new winner!  I love when I get lucky. 

I forgot to take a picture to show all of you as it has already been taken to the consignment shop to be sold.  So can you guess where I will be this weekend?  You got it! 

Somebody say cha-ching!