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Another birthday ATC arrive yesterday from Sweden.  It is the creation of Lynne Turnbull.  I love the flower, the stitching and the beading.  Lovely!

She also sent along a stitched heart and a crocheted flower. 






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Angelique and I planned another 1:1 swap with the theme animals.  This is the ATC I received from her with her favorite animals on it.  I love her beading, her embroidery, and the sweet birdie picture. 


I would love to show you the one I sent to her, but I mailed it without taking a picture of it.  DOH!  I will have to wait until she receives it and takes a pic for me to show you.  Sorry!



Sorry for the brief post, but I have been really, really busy this week helping a friend rearrange her shop.  I am wiped out from the manual labor!  You’ll forgive me, right?