I participated in a charm swap with the Yahoo Mixed Media Artists group of which I am a member.  The categories I chose are fabric and game pieces.  I received my charms from the swap and they are awesome!  While out yard saling one weekend I bought a sterling charm bracelet for $3, so I am good to go.

These are the game piece charms I received.

DSC01773 (864x1024)

DSC01774 (446x1024)










DSC01775 (1024x582) DSC01777 (967x1024)


DSC01778 (586x1024)





They were created by Sharon DeHaemer using a marble, Penny Klaproth using a space marker and beads, Florence Speight using a mini domino, Brigitte using a Scrabble tile, and Becky Airstrup using a mini domino. They are all different and unique. 





The fabric charms I received were created by Elizabeth Dawson, Jane Eileen, Barbara Roberts (both of the middle charms), and Jackie Hefty.  They are all so great!

DSC01779 (433x1024)DSC01780 (664x1024)


DSC01781 (856x1024) DSC01782 (951x1024)


DSC01783 (967x1024)











I cannot wait to assemble my charm bracelet.  I participated in two other charm swaps.  Another in the mixed media group and the Cloth Paper Scissors charm swap.  The other mixed media swap is due in the next week or so, but the CPS will not be completed until mid-June. 

Do you think my charms are lovely?