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I helped a friend on Sunday with a real estate open house and fundraiser for the SPCA.  The house was an historic residence in Petersburg, VA.  The house, built in 1813 by a grain miller, was an awesome place outside and inside. 

The house was made of stone and the walls are over a foot thick.  The walls on the inside looked the same as the walls on the outside.  The house had taken a hit from a tornado several years back and lost only its roof and had a bit of damage to a wall.  Stone walls-1, tornado-0. 

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I asked about the history of the house and why it had 2 front doors.  It was owned by a grain miller who used one side for his business and the other for his living quarters.  There is also two backdoors on the house in the exact same location and when both were opened it creates quite a draft which can slam doors mightily.  You can see pics of the interior of the house here

The owner read some of the documents and if I recall correctly it has 8 tons of rock in the walls.  There were wooden floors, exposed beams in the ceilings, and plenty of charm. 

The rain and cold kept most of the lookers away, but we had a nice afternoon with a couple of SPCA volunteers and the owner of the home and the few brave people that visited.  We raised a bit of money, too, for the SPCA. 

How did you spend your Sunday?