Since I have spent most of my life working in retail I know a lot of people.  I know faces, glasses, but names…not so much.  I have always been bad about remembering names.  I have also been bad about talking or acting before thinking. 

In high school there was a gang of girls that I hung out with.  There were 7 of us in all.  We spanned all the grades in the high school.  We gave each other nicknames.  There were a couple of girls that we nicknamed Huz.  We called them Huz-A, Huz-B, and Huz-E.  Tracy Jo was Huz-E. 

One day, several years later, I was walking in the local mall and thought that I saw Tracy.  She always had a big afro.  She was the only white girl I knew with a natural ‘fro growing up.  So I snuck up behind her and yelled, “HEY YOU HUZ-E!”  She turned around and I was mortified!  It was not her and it was not even a lady!  I thought that they were going to punch me out!  I explained the situation to them and they were cool, but for a few seconds my life flashed in front of my eyes!

How about you, what’s your name??