cf-lgMy friend, Kim, bought herself a new GPS and asked me if I would like her old one.  I braced myself for her to tell me the price she wanted for it and then try to come up with a reason not to get it.  After all, what do I need with a GPS?  Me, the Queen of Yahoo Maps with a GPS?  A person in my car to tell me where to go?  Why that would be sacrilege!

Then she said she was going to give it to me so I was all over that.  I tried it out on the way home.  Not listening to it, but watching it.  Seeing the streets I was passing scroll by on the screen, watching the intersections pass by.  Having that annoying voice tell me it was “recalculating” which is Garmin speak for “you messed up and made a wrong turn”. 

I was fascinated!  I had the maps printed out for my yard sales on Saturday.  I was hitting 3 church sales and had the route from one to the other starting at the farthest so I would be close to home when I finished. 

I happened on a neighborhood sale in a subdivision.  After twisting and turning through the streets, I had no idea where the heck I was at.  After finding an estate sale trying to get out of the subdivision and growing more lost and frustrated I decided to give the GPS a shot.  I entered the address of the next church sale I was headed for and pushed the go button.  Before I knew it I was parking at the church.  I was stunned!  It also lets you know that the turns are coming up at just the right time.  There is no slamming of the brakes so you don’t miss it! 

I spent last night updating the maps.  The maps were never updated on it since 2000!   I also downloaded a sassy little pink buggy for my car on the unit.  It seemed more girly than the blue sedan that was there.   Now I am sold on the whole GPS craze.  It is so cool!  I can even pull up thrift shops in the local area I happen to be in.  How cool is that!!!!!!

Now if I can just figure out how to get rid of the school marm that is hiding inside the device…