DSC01757 (1024x768)When it comes to purses, I find that my love for a new one is fleeting.  I only carry them for a short time and then it is time to move on.  I love them a lot when they are new, but then I need a change.  I want to start anew with a new bag.  Since I have started to sew I have made myself new purses instead of purchasing them. 

My local quilt shop has started selling Japanese fabrics.  They are so pretty that I have been stockpiling them for just the right project.  It seems like that project never came so when inspiration hit me to create a new purse, I remembered those fabrics.  I pulled out Alice In Wonderland, Little Red Riding Hood and some Heidi Grace fabric purchased recently from JoAnns.  They all seemed to go together.  I also wanted to try a gusset this time and needed a bit of contrast from all the DSC01753 (1024x791) patterns.  I had some pink striped drapery fabric that I picked up while thrifting that fit the bill perfectly.   

I sketched out on an envelope the style and the pieces that I was going to use.  I made it patchwork using 4 different novelty fabrics.  I love how it looks when it was all finished.  I also added my signature “lots of pockets” inside.  One each for my glasses/sunglasses case, my little notebook, my pens, and one on the other side for my mints, chapstick and keys. 

DSC01754 (1024x768)


 DSC01755 (1024x591)DSC01756 (1024x692)

DSC01759 (1024x768) DSC01760 (1024x738)

So what do you think of my new bag?