I have always been tall for my age.  In first grade I was always a head taller than my little friends and it continued as I grew and grew and grew…  It all stopped when I was 16(ish) at 5′ 10.5″.  Just this side of 6 foot, thank God!  I have always worn flats so that I don’t tower over people.  Even a 2 inch heel makes me 6 foot tall so I try to keep to flats. 

In grade school I was always given the crap job duty of returning my teacher’s tray to the lunch room after lunch period.  Although it did get me out of the first few minutes of English or Math or whatever class we were having at the time, I hated it!  I thought it was not a priviledge, but her making me a student slave. 

I would skulk to the cafeteria taking as long as I possibly could on the trip back and hoping I could stretch it out an entire class.  I remember telling my Mom about it and how much I hated it.  She tried to convince me it was an honor.  An honor ( imagine that!) to take back her half eaten and partially chewed lunch to the cafeteria.  I also had to play “keep out of the custodian’s way” while he was folding and putting the tables away. 

It was not a lot of fun to do.    My Mom also didn’t back me up and tell the teacher not to ask me to do it.  One of the few times she didn’t support me.  I guess to her there were other, more worthy battles. 

Were there any tasks you got stuck with in school?