Last week’s MAMMA challenge was inspired by the technique of Bernie Berlin.  We were to use inks to die a baby wipe with the theme of words.  Immediately, the song Words by the Bee Gees started playing in my head.  That pretty much sealed the words I was going to use on the card. 

DSC01748 (1024x740) I decided to tie up my baby wipe (inspired by the creations of this lady) so that I could tie dye it.  I then inked the colors one to a segment, added blending agent to variegate it a bit, then accentuated the white and colored areas with bronze and pearl inks to add a bit of aging. 

The heart image is from a vintage dictionary and the wings are from a butterfly image from the same dictionary.  The words are lyrics from the Bee Gees’ song.  I love the colors in the background of the ATC!  I may have to try the baby wipe technique again.



DSC01751 (1024x748)I also received my card from the recycle trade from Erin.  She took the recycling challenge to heart when she took apart a computer she was scrapping for the challenge. 

Can you see the circuit board tiles she used to create the building?  What a cool idea!  Never thought of taking electrical appliances apart for challenges. 

Hmmm…maybe I need to get to it??

The MAMMA group reached our 100th member over the weekend.  That is exciting!  MAMMA picks great themes and challenges us weekly with new techniques, too.  This week she is letting us interpret this song.  There are a lot of possibilities there!