Since I started this blog and my crafty endeavors, I have always considered myself a crafter.  There have been many a bloggy debate on the use of the word crafter and the why/why not to use it.  I always shied away from artist as I thought that was a term reserved for the sculptors and painters and those whose work hung in galleries.  I always thought there was no way that was or ever would be me!

The other day I was collaging wings for a button fairy I made recently and while I was building up the layers of papers, yarns, and paints it suddenly hit me.  I am an artist.  I create works of art.  It was also a confirmation when I went to the post office to mail my button fairy to my partner for the monthly swap.  On the mailing label was a picture of the fairy and the postal worker asked me if that was my artwork.  Without hesitating at all I answered her “yes, it is.”  I walked away from the post office with a smile on my face.  I am an ARTIST.  It finally felt right to call myself that.  It finally fit in my skin to use that word. 

I promise not to get all hoity toity and high on myself.  I promise not to get too big for my britches (the largesse of my butt recently is taking care of that just fine!)  I will continue to be just Cindy of Cindy is Crafty fame.  I love my crafty name and it came about totally accidentally when a co-worker was telling another “Cindy is crafty” (insert laughter)… “and she makes things, too!”  I was just starting out and thought what a great name so I took it.  Thankfully, the co-worker didn’t ask for a finder’s fee on the name! 

DSC01752 (1024x509) So what has the artist been up to lately you may ask?  I worked this past weekend on charms for a mixed media art group’s charm swap.  They were inspired by a tutorial in the latest issue of Crafts N Things magazine.  It was for a faux enamel pendant.  My Diamond Glaze was not cooperating (what is NEW?) so I modified it. 

The circles are made form balsa wood.  I painted a green base on them applying 3 coats to each side and the edges.  I then used blue and brown inks to add that mottled effect.  The bird images are rubber stamped onto the discs.  Polycrylic is used to seal the design and the paints/inks.    I added seed beads and fancy yarn bits to the jump ring for a bit more jazz. 

I am really pleased with how they came out and hope my swap partners will be, too. 

Oh, I have an interview this afternoon!  It is not the same place I interviewed recently.  They never called me back.  So wish me luck, cross your fingers and say a little prayer, too!