One of my bloggy buddies, Gypsy Mermaid, has been having some challenges lately.

Most of y’all know I lost my home and belongs in Hurricane Ike these things I am selling today are things special to me and it is hard to give them up but I am not working (due to the hurricane I lost my job and we moved and now I am looking for a job) and this is my way of putting my 2 cents in so hubby doesn’t feel like he is having it all depending on him! So please help this mermaid chick out and shop shop SHOP!!

Personally, I have plenty of stuff, but have offered to make a donation to her cause.  If you are able to make a donation or want to buy some of her goodies she is selling contact her via this post.  I know that the blogging community has a big heart and I know that the Mermaid does, too. 

Thanks in advance!