J - birch bark u13 letter N K

For as long as I can remember I have had a love affair with junk.  Junk food, junk television, junk magazines, and junking in general.  When it comes to junking I love the thrill of the great find.  The searching and digging to uncover a treasure. 

I have been very lucky in the hunt uncovering several Coach purses, a brand new Brighton purse with the tags still attached, and just yesterday a Dooney and Bourke purse.  I have also unearthed sterling jewelry, a Wedgwood Jasperware brooch, a 1943 copy of Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer, and a Pele Echo Ukelele which I believe is from the 1950’s (but am still researching it). 

I have also kept myself in crafty supplies like fabric, doll stuffing, embroidery floss, clothespins, yarn, and lots and lots of paper (books, stationery, scrapbook paper, ephemera, etc).  The acrylic paints have been plentiful, the sculpey clay runneth over, and the beads…ooooh the beads!

I try to repurpose these items for other uses.  The broken necklaces for beads to make new ones, the single clip earrings to use for pendants, the yarn and bits for dolls and other fiber arts.

You could say I was raised to love the hunt.  My Mother was a junker extraordinaire.  She would buy a chair in pieces in a box and then set about putting it together, refinishing it, reupholstering it, or recaning the seat whatever it needed.  She instilled in me a love for all things old and unique.  A friend once told me that my home was furnished in early attic.  But my home is a place you can be comfortable and put your feet up without worrying about the furniture. 

What do you love about junking?  Or perhaps you call it thrifting, recycling, upcycling?  What is the greatest find you have unearthed?