Last week’s MAMMA challenge was to make a card with the theme recycle.  The card had to be made with recycled items or those items sent to you by other group members with the weekly swaps only.  It was an appropriate swap since Earth Day was during the week. 

DSC01724 (741x1024)


I decided to cut up an old People magazine into small squares and use my mod podge to adhere them to a card back.  I then added bits of scrap yarn some images about recycling torn from magazines and letters that I bought from a scrapbooker’s yard sale.  There was not a complete set, but only random letters.  I outlined the letters with my lime soufflé pen. 

My card is made (literally) with recycled items and is a reminder to reuse and recycle.  Some of the group members said it would make a great poster for Earth Day. 





I also received a couple of the cards from previous week’s swaps.

DSC01725 (737x1024)


This card was from Carlin in Tennessee for the provided image swap.  She entitled it Lenore.  Since I am an avid Poe fan, I loved this one!








DSC01747 (727x1024)



From Renee in Minnesota I received for the Time swap this funny, funny card.  The lady’s face cracks me up!







I am such a lucky girl, aren’t I?  This week’s challenge involves dying a baby wipe with alcohol inks for a background and the theme is Words.  The wipe is inked and drying now need to hunt for the words I am humming…