flaming cakeToday is the big day, my happy birthday!  Today I am 46 years old!  Wowzer!  That really hurt to write those 2 numbers! 

I remember the parties that my Mom threw when we were younger for birthdays.  There was always cake (store bought), Neapolitan ice cream (vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry), and Pepsi.  It seemed our house always had 2 liters of Pepsi present. 

Then there were the presents.  Always there was a Barbie, an outfit for her, or some part of the Barbie arsenal of paraphernalia.  I had just about everything they ever created for that doll.  My love of all things Barbie goes way, way back.

I don’t remember inviting people to my birthday party.  It was always just the family.  Of course, when you are one of 7 (9 with Mom and Dad) you always have a party!  Even dinner is an event.

This birthday I am house sitting for a friend to take care of her dog, Tasha.  I nicknamed her the “heavy breather” as she pants all the time.  All. the. time.  Bless her heart.  She is getting “up there” and is starting to show signs of her age.  She is so sweet and loving and enjoys the occasional carrot.  Since she has a hard time walking they have a stroller that they use to take her for walks.  I have never seen it as they keep it at the river place, but I am sure it is quite a site.  “Hey lady…your kid sure has a long nose!” 

For my birthday, I would appreciate a little favor.  Practice a random act of kindness in my honor today and then leave a comment and tell me about it.  Pay the toll for the driver behind you, pay the tab of the person behind at the drive thru, give a kiddie a $1 to get a little something, donate a dollar to a cause.  Whatever makes you happy! 

Happy Birthday To Me!