I mentioned previously that I joined the fantastic flat paper dolls group on Yahoo Groups recently.  This month’s theme is mermaids and I joined the swaps for both the paper doll and the ATC.  I showed the paper doll I created previously

DSC01720 (921x1024)This weekend I finished the ATC mermaid.  She took about 3 days to gel.  Her body is made from a cereal box that was covered in layers of sewing pattern tissue which I Mod Podged on to give a bit of texture.  The template for her body came from here

She is wearing fan charms for her top and her scales on her tail are made using the eyes (from hooks &).  I used the u-shaped for her scales and the straight ones for her tail fin.  Her face is from a magazine and she is finished with a pearl in her hair. 

The background is scrapbook paper to which I added a fabric leaf.  Her arms and tail fin fold up so they fit on the ATC. 

I really like how she turned out.  I was really stuck for how to do the tail and was going through an old sewing case I thrifted lately and saw the eyes and Viola!  Inspiration hit me! 

 What bits of cast offs have inspired you lately?