I have talked about my Mother before.  She was a great Mom to have grown up with.   

When I turned 18 (as that was the magic age then) she decided she should take me out for my first drink in a bar.  We got dressed up and headed out to the local watering hole, The Pink Panther

I wonder what people thought as we arrived.  Depending on who they were looking at, they might have thought we were an odd couple, but I bet no one thought for a moment we were mother and daughter!

We arrived and she went to the bar to get me a drink.  A Tom Collins if I recall correctly.  We settled in at a booth and then eventually ended up on the dance floor.  We danced the night away and got hit on by some of the “local color.”  You know them the guys that no one will dance with UNLESS you are several sheets into the wind.  My Mom told them to buzz off!

We closed the place down and then we moved on to the local donut shop to have some “breakfast” before we headed home.  We sat there both slightly toasty and laughed and laughed.  We recalled our evening, talked about who danced with the cutest guy, and who had the best move on the dance floor.  We commented on the bravery and tenacity of the “local color” and hooted it up. 

When I told my classmates at school the following Monday of my adventures with Mom they felt that I had the coolest Mom EVER and all wished that she was there Mom.  That made me feel great!  She was a cool Mom and she taught me about life instead of only advising me about it.  She may have been a bit unconventional in some eyes, but I didn’t turn out too bad.