The first Easter we moved to the country Mom decided that it would be more fun to hide the Easter eggs in the yard for us to find.  She also knew we would awake in the pre-dawn hours to start hunting for them so she decided to hide them the night before.  She placed them all over the yard, under flowers, in pots, by logs, and in the taller leaves. 

The next morning she awoke and let the dogs out to do “their business”.  We got dressed and then went out to look for the eggs.  Mom gave us the lay of the land and let us know where they were hidden within.  We then set about finding the eggs she had hidden the night before. 

After an hour or so all we found were bits of colored shells and some half eaten eggs.  Mom realized (to her horror) that they had been eaten by the dogs when she let them out or by other animals as there was no way the dogs could find the 3 dozen eggs she had hidden in the short time they were outside for the “business”. 

After giving up on finding any eggs we skulked into the house to get ready for church.  We dressed in our Easter outfits and then hopped in the car for the ride.  After the service we came home and Mom finished up on the ham dinner with all of the trimmings.  We always had the dogs around us.  They never begged (too much) at the table so we never minded their being there. 

We were well into our feast when a sound emerged from under the table.  Then the smell gently wafted up to the top of the table.  It was an odor so foul that I thought I might lose my ham dinner.  We identified one of the egg culprits!  All evening long the dogs (3) took turns emitting their noxious gas bombs!  Indeed, all 3 had partaken of the eggs in the yard which, while they were in their tummies, decided to die!  The house was the most vile of places for the next day or so until the little buggers passed them.  We tried to keep them outside, but they kept howling at the door to get in.  We finally locked them in the kitchen with the windows WIDE open. 

Let this be a cautionary tale NOT to feed your dogs hard boiled eggs!