I joined the Yahoo Group Fantastic Flat Paper DollsDSC01698 (789x1024) Each month they have two challenges, one for a paper doll with the selected theme and the other an ATC doll.  This month’s theme is Mermaids.  I have completed the paper doll, but not yet started the ATC as the inspiration has not hit me yet.

I created the paper doll using a template that I created and cut from scrapbook paper.  I then stamped the designs using rubber stamps.  The fin section is created using 3 separate rubber stamps, one for the bubbles, one for the shells and one for the flourish to the tail fin.  I added a crown to her head, embellished the doll with gems, a bit of lace and some seed beads. 

DSC01697 (649x1024)


DSC01699 (754x1024)

I really like how she came out. 

She looks like she could swim away at any point to her new home.  She will leave me at the end of the month when she is swapped to a partner.  I can continue to admire her until that time, right?

On a side note, I would like to vent a bit about Goodwill.  As you know I have been a LONG time shopper and supporter of their mission.  I have noticed lately that the prices has gone up considerably.  I know that retail is hurting lately, but also know that my local Goodwill’s are busier than EVER.  Often there is such a crowd in the stores that shopping is not fun for me. 

The one price increase that really gets me upset is on the pottery.  You know the stuff that people make at the local pottery store one evening.  It is normally made and then offloaded rather quickly by the maker or the recipient. 

I used to get some really cool pottery for less than $4.25, mostly $1.25 to $2.25.  Lately though they have been pricing it $6.25 or more.  I saw one two handled vase that I would love to have priced at $15.25!!!!!!  It was only about 6” high and the glaze was not exceptional at all.  Even with the 1/2 off when its color comes up that is still $7.62!  So Goodwill what gives?  Are you trying to, with the increased interest in thrift shopping and your sales increasing trying to make a lot more money? 

Have you noticed the prices increasing at your local Goodwill, too?