Loralynn had a lovely post on April Fool’s Day that got me to remembering.  I remember the first time I saw the Wizard of Oz.  You know, that first time that you really watch it?  The first time that you understand what is going on.  That Dorothy is in this fabulous place, but she still misses her home and family in Kansas?  That even though she is in a place filled with magic she is just like you.  A little girl that loves her family and wants to be with them. 

I remember asking my Mom for Christmas that year for some Dorothy shoes.  It was not a year that the movie was celebrating an anniversary, not any type of celebration around the movie like we have now.  Where they merchandise the HE** out of something to suck out every dollar they can.  Just any other Christmas long, long after Dorothy and her friends skipped down the yellow brick road. 

I remember my Mom and I going through the Toys ‘R Us catalog and her asking gently if there were “any toys I saw that I wanted Santa to bring me?”  I replied that “I only want the Dorothy shoes.  That is ALL I want for Christmas.”    Mom once again tried the catalog, had me write Santa a letter and include my list.  I held fast to my pretty red Dorothy shoes. 

Imagine my delight when on Christmas morning after I had opened all the other presents that Santa brought me (which I had not asked for) finding those bright red and sparkly shoes under the Christmas tree.  I don’t know where she found them, how she got them, but I HAD THEM!  Mommy was my hero!

It is a lovely memory my childhood when life was simpler.  Cell phones didn’t exist, no iPods, no distractions to separate family time.  Life was lovely then.  How nice would it be if we could still hold all that while we embrace the newer and more hectic times we now live. 

What were your “Dorothy shoes”?