DSC01686 (340x1024) Happy April Fool’s Day!  Hopefully no one has pranked you today.

My friend, BrendaLea, held a 29 Days of Giving Giveaway on her blog.  I won day 22 and was sent this precious little Dotee which she handmade.  I love her heart shaped face, her pink and yellow color (my fav combination), and the beading for her hair.  BrendaLea is a great artist and has been having some medical challenges lately.  It would mean a lot to me (and be a nice surprise for her) if you would check out her blog and leave her a comment. 

I am sorry to be so brief this week, but have been busy helping my friend with some of the paperwork clean-up from her event for the humane society this passed weekend.  She raised about $1600 for the SPCA!  That will buy a lot of doggie treats.  The beagle that was adopted from the event is acclimating well to her new home and owner.  She has only dug herself out of the yard once!  I have one more day of clean-up work to do and should be back to the same old…craftin’, eatin’, and a playin’. 

What have you had show up in your mailbox that has made you happy lately?