It is amazing to me how much memories are tied to our senses of taste, smell, sight and hearing.  It seems that a familiar scent, a certain spice or food, a flower in a garden, or an old song can trigger sweet remembrance.  It seems as if the senses are tied to our brain’s memory locker. 

My Grandmother kept most of her cherished belongings in her cedar trunk and used moth balls liberally.  We always knew when something arrived from Grandma as we could smell the moth balls in the house.  To this say I cannot smell them and not think of my Grandmother. 

My sister, at my Mother’s service, mentioned that the song Against All Odds reminded her of losing my Mom.  The song was very popular at the time of my Mom’s passing.  To this day every time I hear that song I think of losing my Mom and that day that we all got together to give her the send off to eternity she wanted. 

When I see gardens ablaze in color I think of my Mom and the hours she spent tending the flowers that were thick in the yard.  She lived for her flowers in the Spring and spent the winter planning the garden and flower beds, purchasing plants, pouring over seed catalogs, all in anticipation of the big day. 

The scent of Old Spice cologne makes me think of my Dad.  He loved the stuff and I believe bathed in it at times.  I lived with a gentleman a few years back that wore it also.  He thought he should stop wearing it as people were starting to make fun of him, but I made him promise never to stop.  I loved the mornings as we hugged and kissed goodbye and his leaving that faint sent on my clothes. I carried him, my Dad and that scent all day long. 

The taste of chocolate chip cookies or chocolate cake reminds me of my Aunt Min.  She loved to bake cookies and chocolate cakes.  The house, it was guaranteed, always contained both.  Perhaps she made them for my arrival, but I never knew and I thought they were always there. 

It is nice as we go through our days that we have little reminders of our pasts.  Little glimpses of a time when we felt loved, special and so very safe.  I carry them with me proudly and welcome their interruption in my busy life.  They make me slow a bit, smile a lot and cry occasionally.  Perhaps the tears are happy ones!