Last week’s MAMMA challenge was to create a work influenced by your favorite artist.  I don’t really have a favorite artist.  I have lots of favorite images, pictures, works and paintings, but no one artist stands out.  Most of my group drew or painted their ATCs which is not my best method.  I am still working through the embellishing stuff and to create a work of art, that is just madness for me! 

The work of art that came to mind for me was Van Gogh’s Starry Night.  I love that it is abstract and the colors.  I also love a good starry and clear night.  I always have.  I decided to try to needle felt my interpretation of his painting. 



The background is cream wool felt with blue, black, yellow wool roving felted in.  I also added some seed beads to give it a bit more texture.  Not an exact match, but a worthy interpretation of the original.





I received my Spring Doll from MoCross for the February MAD MAMMA swap.   I love the colors pink and yellow, my favorite color combo and my fav colors, too.  I believe she was meant to come live with me.  Thanks, Maureen!








On Saturday my local quilt shop was celebrating National Quilt Month and had a number of classes scheduled on Saturday.  Saturday was supposed to be rainy and miserable all day (as was the entire weekend) and the shop is a bit from my home up the interstate which, whenever there is rain, is always a mess.  I really wanted to take one of the classes, but thought I would play it by ear.  I hit a few of my favorite thrift shops and meandered my way north toward the local quilt shop.  I made my way to the shop with 10 minutes to spare and asked if there was still a slot open in the class.  There was and I got the LAST spot.  The class was called Pin Pals.  You knew it was a brooch class didn’t you?

The background fabric is a batik topped with some Angelina fibers.  I ironed the Angelina a bit too much so it lost its sparkle, but I think she is still cute!  The layer between is Timtex, a very sturdy interfacing.  I did a bit of “quilting” by sewing some straight lines across her body.  The face, arms and feet are Art Girlz charms

I think she needs some hair a a bit more embellishing.  I am still deciding just what she needs.  When I have completed her I will show you the new updated version.  Pin Pal 2.0! 

What have you been creating this week?