I was always a night owl and loved to stay up late, but hated to get up early.  My Mom had to fight with me every morning to get up for school.  She would have to make multiple trips back to be sure I was still up.  One morning she had it with this ritual.  She declared, “If you don’t get up on your own you are not going to school!”  I went back to sleep figuring that she would be back shortly.  When I woke up that afternoon I realized she meant it. 

The next morning I slept in and missed the bus.  “Why didn’t you wake me?”  “I am not doing that any longer.  If you want to go to school you wake yourself up!”  For the next week I kept getting closer and closer to waking myself up.  Finally, I got myself up in time and made it to school.  Mom handed me my note for the teacher on the way out the door to explain my absence.    This time she sealed it inside an envelope for Mr. Langer, my homeroom teacher. 

I handed it to Mr. Langer when I arrived and he asked me if I was feeling better.  I said that it took me a bit, but I was feeling a lot better.  He then opened Mom’s note and read it and started to laugh.  What about my excuse for being so sick could he find so funny?  He asked, “did you read this?”  “No, it is just my Mom’s note about my being sick last week.”  He then handed me the note.  It read..

Mr. Langer,

Please excuse Cindy for being out of school last week as she was too lazy to get her @$$ out of bed!

Mrs. Shirley M. Hamlin

He laughed at the horror on my face!  Then he informed me that I would not be able to make up the work I missed that week as it was an unexcused absence. 

Score one very painful lesson for Mom!