DSC01651I would like to introduce you to Bunnie Baker.   She is the official baker for the E. Bunny household.  She prepares all the cupcakes, bird’s nests and treats for his springtime activities.  She is the very best baker in all of Easter Bunnyland.






Can she bake some cupcakes?  Just look at the size of those cupcakes with the sparkly sugar and the cherry on top!  Check out her flowery apron, too.  She loves to priss it up a bit when she is baking.  She feels that the prissy makes the baking sweeter. 

Bunnie was created for the March challenge for MAD MAMMA.  The background is pink embossed scrapbook paper.  A vintage bunny image is her face, some flowers are added, the apron is hand sewn using fabric, vintage lace bits, ribbon, and tiny vintage buttons.  Cupcakes are created using corrugated scrapbook paper, and stickles to add the sparkle. 

Now I am off to find a cupcake recipe!  I suddenly have a hankering for sweets!