I have always loved a man in a shirt and tie.  There is something so classy about it, so neat and pressed.  Perhaps, I like it because I was sizing up his tie for future projects?  Just getting close to him so I could get his tie?  One will never know. 

I was inspired to cut into my stash of vintage neckties to create my newest tote.  I opened the ties up and removed the interfacing and then ironed them flat so they were large tie shaped pieces instead of the original tie and then cut off the point.  I pieced them together inverting them as I went so that it appeared more patchwork like.  DSC01637 Since some of the ties I chose were silk I needed to reinforce them a bit.  I sewed the tie fabric onto Warm and White batting and then sewed lines vertically to quilt and stabilize it a bit.




I then cut the panels of ties 16″ by 16″ and sewed them together.  The tie points were used to create a pocket for the outside. Since the points varied the pocket is not completely symmetric. 

DSC01641 DSC01639



DSC01640The handle for the bag is created by sewing two untouched neckties fat to skinny.  I then lined the bag adding the extra interior pockets and the handle. 



I bet no one else is carrying a bag like this!  I have some other ideas gelling for other ways to use the whole necktie without opening it up.  Stay tuned!