pair of decorative metal pieces for assemblage or collage CSSTeam


Karla, whose blog I follow and her Etsy shop I cruise, recently went to a sale of an assemblage artist and bought some interesting goodies.  I immediately spied the treble clef and since I love music I HAD to have it. 

I was sitting around on Sunday since we were having a wintry mix for most of the day found myself with a lot of time indoors.  All of a sudden inspiration hit me and I knew what I was going to do with my treble clef. 



DSC01623 I present to you Miss Kitty, the Queen of the Pussycat Cabaret.  Did any of you watch Gunsmoke?  Remember Miss Kitty the saloon owner and (I believe, but they never said) Madam?  Well, she was not modeled after that Miss Kitty, but that is the name I decided to give her. 

Her torso is the treble clef that I backed with some scrapbook paper, her face is stamped onto a piece of pink paper, the arms, legs and ears are all scrapbook paper.  Since there was not much area to affix the arms and hers were a bit low I added the lace collar to help a bit.  She was quite freakish looking without it. 

DSC01624     DSC01625


So now you know what rolls through my mind…altered doll ideas and old west show madams, but not necessarily in that order.  Now let me introduce Miss Kitty to the other dolls, button fairies, and Dotees in my collection.  She will be hanging out with me and the girls for much longer than an hour and I won’t have to pay her!