I have been reorganizing my apartment a lot since I have so much free time.  It is maddening the length of days and weeks when you don’t have a job to go to.  There are sometimes 2-3 days I am not sure what day it is.  I have to sit and think what TV show I watched the previous night to recall the day of the week. 

Part of the reorg involved clearing off my sewing machine table.  The table and my sewing chair seem to be the catch all for the stuff I bring into that room.  It piles up quickly and prevents me from using it as I hate to move it all to move it all back.  Sad, huh?

Since the sewing machine and the chair are now all clear I have been using it a bit more and creating fabric ATCs for the latest MAMMA challenges.  This week’s challenge was to use a Mona Lisa image for your creation.  I decided to use an image via gel medium transfer.  Since I never know how it will work and I don’t put all of my eggs in a single image basket I normally start with 3.  Usually, I end up with one that I can use.  This time, perhaps because I am getting better at the technique or I just lucked out I ended up with 3. 





This card is entitled Mona’s Heart.

The Mona image is transferred onto white muslin material.  That is sewn onto another piece of fabric.  The heart image is from a dictionary page that is sewn onto the card.  A bit of yarn and some beading complete the card.




DSC01619 DSC01620

I made two other cards with the extra images, but didn’t enter them in the swap.  These will be used for Kate’s Birthday ATC swap for some upcoming birthdays.  I added polka dot bias tape , vintage lace, a vintage flower image, and some vintage buttons to complete the cards. 

DSC01622 I received a couple of great cards in trade this week.  The first is from Fidgetrainbowtree and is for the bird swap. 

The second is from Nancy for the India swap.  She drew the lovely image by hand. 



What have you been up to?