I have always had a love affair with office supplies as far back as I can remember.  If they are cute, new, colorful or vintage I MUST have them.  If it is a new line of file folders…put them in the cart.  New colors of gel pens…ring ’em up.  I have been in love for a long time.  If they are vintage supplies I love them, too.  If they still work all the better. 



I went to the Goodwill Outlet this weekend and found a couple of scores.  First, this  (I am guessing) 1950 Bostitch stapler with the original staples. The staples are full and in the original box.  Woohoo!








Just a few boxes down I found these.  Three full boxes of staples from Colonial Printing and Stationery Company.  The company is still in business, but they no longer sell the office supplies.  I am guessing by the staple closure on the side of the box they are from the 50’s also.  It indicates on their website the company was started in the 1960s.







Lastly, I found this file folder organizer.  I need to put some felt feet on the bottom of it before I can put it on my enameled desk.  I found the enameled desk, actually a kitchen table with a convenient utensil drawer several years ago at a local antique shop.  I bought it before it became popular and the prices started to soar.  The top is a caramel color of brown instead of the traditional white with the black stripe.  The base is also a light oak colored wood instead of the usual white. 




I also use a couple of flower frogs for my scissor holders.  It makes my work space a happier place!