What constitutes a collection?  Is it a couple of items or a large lot of the same thing?  I saw a picture in a magazine recently.  It was a person that collected the tomato pin cushions and had a large glass jar filled with them.  I thought it was really lovely.  I have ONE tomato pincushion and will if I see another pick it up, but at this time it is only one.  Does that make it a collection? 

Above are two of my other type of pincushions.  I remember my mother having one when I was little and I played with it for hours.  I pretended they were playing Ring Around the Rosie.  I spent hours with them playing all sorts of games.  Since I have two is that a collection?  The large one with the stem I found in a box of thrifted items I picked up and the smaller one was sent to me by a friend in a RAK box or vice versa.  I cannot remember who it was, but think I remember.  I don’t want to say who it was in case I remembered wrong. 

I think I will start a collection with this type of pincushion.  I will not make a concerted effort, but will pick them up as I go along.  Remember this day as you are with me at the birth of a collection! 

Friends can be a collection, too.  They are picked up as we go along and treasured for their uniqueness.  They are enjoyed, loved and treasured.  They are part of our lives forever though not always physically.  Sometimes we carry them in our hearts, but not because they have passed away.  Maybe it is because they have moved, you have grown apart or they just decided to not be your friend any longer.   

I remember my best friend from grade school, Pam Haupt.  We had lunch together every day and her mother would make her an extra tuna sandwich so she could trade for the extra Peanut Butter Kandy Kake that I always brought for her. My Mom stopped making me a sandwich as she knew I was tossing it to eat Pam’s tuna.  Her mother stopped packing a dessert as she knew Pam did the same. 

I lost track of Pam as we moved away, but often wonder where she is and what became of her.  There is a store I pass on the way to Williamsburg called Haupt’s Grocery.  I stopped in once and asked them if they might know her or if they had family in Maryland.  They said no on both accounts.  I cannot imagine they are not related, but perhaps distantly and she may have a new married last name by now. 

Anywho, if you happen to know a person named Haupt, ask if they know Pam for me.  She grew up in Dundalk and lived behind my Aunt Sis on Melbourne.  We went to Bear Creek Elementary.  I would love to find her just to see what she is doing now and see if she remembers the tuna/kandy kake swap.

Now go and call your friend!