I am a member of the Faerie Zine’s flickr group.  I would link it, but it is a private “invitation only” group.  I was so thrilled that they invited me to join them.  They are ARTISTS and serious ones, too.  They are having an Easter Bunny ATC swap so I thought I would join. 

I scanned a pic of Little Bo Peep so I could use her face and then resized it for the ATC size I needed.  I then pulled out my pom-poms for the bodies and went about making the Bo animals.  It amazes me how these ideas happen into my head!

To the left is Bo Peep (get it?).  The background on all of the creations is a fabric ATC with jewels, trims and paper elements attached.  The crowns and ears are glittered with stickles.  Bo Peep’s feet are chicken legs from another children’s book that I resized. 









This is Bo Bunny. Her body and tail are made using pom-poms and a piece of pink pipe cleaner for her front foot. 











Bo Lamb was created using cotton balls for her body with little black pom-poms for her hooves. 

Bo Lamb is not for the Faerie Zine swap, but for Kate’s Birthday ATC swap for a March birthday.  I only needed two for the Faerie Zine swap. 



Very Frankenstein, but very cute, too! 

What have you created lately?