DSC01590This week’s MAMMA challenge was to create a Zetti ATC.  I  have seen them, I liked them, I have received them, but never have I created one.  I had no idea where to start.

I knew they were a bit out there, they were usually black and white or had those colors in them and that they normally had a black and white border.  They could be scary, they could be weird, they were definitely a work of artistic fancy.  You can see more examples in this Yahoo group

This was my attempt and my very first Zetti.  I used a black and white image of a child holding their breath.  For that image I drew a fish body with black and white stripes.  I also drew the polka dots and borders all using my gel pens.  I added the text also to the card.

I think I did pretty good for my first attempt. 


I also received my swap for last week’s triptych swap.  This is from Hattie Heart.  I remember watching Red on The Tonight Show and Merv Griffin.  I also watched the reruns of his show often.  I thought he was great. 

Thanks, Hattie, for bringing back such nice memories.

Have you tried a new technique lately?