DSC01567Ugly plastic box found at the Goodwill, but wait it is heavy and there is something inside.  Break the tape sealing it and check it out?  You betcha!

And what to my wondering eyes should appear, but two sides FULL.  Did. I. Say. FULL. of embroidery floss.  Every color under the rainbow, all numbered and carded and ready to go. 




Oh my froggy prince I love you!  See why I open boxes at the thrift shops even if the outside is U G L Y !  You just never know what kind of lovely is inside!  Guess who needs no more floss, maybe ever!  I did say both sides full, right?  Did I mention that the box is the size of a briefcase?  FULL, did I say full? I paid $8.25 for it.




Also, on the same trip, I found a 1940’s woman’s head vase.  It is in perfect condition with not a single chip, crack or craze.  Isn’t she lovely?  Her face reminds me of a vintage Barbie. 

What have you found lately?