My father loved history.  He read books about it, he talked about it, he watched movies about it and he liked to visit it.  Since we lived on the east coast there were a lot of historic sites within driving distance. 

Most of the time it was Tom, Pat and I at home and we hit them all.  Gettysburg, Washington, Jamestown, Williamsburg, and Philadelphia.  That leaves a lot of time in the car for three spirited kids to entertain themselves. 

We would start with the ever popular game Trading Punches.  You start by hitting as lightly as you can and then get harder and harder.  You guessed it, a fistfight by the fourth block from the house!  Another popular one was How Close Can You Place Your Hand In Front Of My Face Without Touching Me.  This one is tons of fun UNLESS your Dad calls out a point of interest for you to see, but you can’t as your brother’s hand is in front of your eyes.  Again, the fistfight ensues. 

Once you arrive the good fun doesn’t end there.  There is the pulling down of the pants, the tripping you while you are trying to walk, and the buckling your knees as you try to stand in line.  All of these games end with embarrassment and some with injuries. 

My Dad would frequently yell, “I am going to turn this car around!”  “We are going home!” And my personal fav “If you kids don’t stop…”  He never finished the sentence so it added a bit of suspense to the trip.  We never left anywhere or turned the car around.  So we stopped only briefly.

I bet you didn’t know that car trippin’ through history could be a contact sport!