It was freaking cold this passed weekend.  Friday night it was 8 degrees!  EIGHT. DEGREES!  Saturday topped out at a delightful 29 degrees. TWENTY-NINE. DEGREES!  Today was better it was a balmy 42 degrees.  We were supposed to have some rain/snow mix today, but thankfully it missed us.  We always get the mix here in Central Virginia which translates to either sleet or freezing rain.  Glad that missed us!

The temperature is supposed to stay in the 40’s for most of this week with the overnights in the teens and 20’s.  That is wear my socks to bed kind of cold.  I normally have to have my feet cold in order to sleep, but when it is that cold, the socks are required wearing.  Woolen ones even! 

I have another good weekend at the thrifts.  I scored a Coach purse at the Goodwill for $4!  It doesn’t look like it has been used at all and is in perfect shape.  It is the older leather style in black and not the newer cloth styles that are the rage now.  I almost passed it by, but that chunky brass zipper and the feel of the leather stopped me.  I then checked inside for the telltale seal and serial number.  Both were there…score.  I had a lady that saw me looking inside for the seal and serial number follow me around the store.  She thought I was going to change my mind.  FOOL!  I must admit I had a little fun with her and made u-turns and went down some aisles twice.  I think I heard her curse me as I headed for the checkout, too!


Last week’s MAMMA challenge was Man/Men.  This is the card I received from Sherry entitled So Macho!

This week the challenge was to create with a provided image.  This was the card I created.


I used scrapbook paper for the background, added some rubber stamped images, affixed the image to a balsam wood square and then topped it all with gel medium.  I love the texture of the brush strokes on the image. 


I also received my charm from T for a swap in the altered domino and other game pieces group I belong to.  I love the image on this domino and also the dangly charms she sent and the extras to change as I go along. 

Thanks, T, it is great! 

What did you do this past weekend?