I went thrift shopping and from across the room something sparkly caught my eye.  I could see it shining and it was calling me….”Cindy….come look at me…..sparkly…..shiny…..brooch……bits of pearls…..glittering……flashy…..look…..pretty….DSC01529”  You know that I trotted right on over.  It was locked in the case!  Mocking me.  The people who open the cases were all the way up front and I was in the very back of the joint…typical!

Just then I hear a male voice.  “Ma’am let me know if you would like to see anything in that case.  I can unlock it.”  Enabler!  “Can I see this one?  I cannot make out the price on the tag.”  “It says $48,” he replied.  Thinking: “hmmm…$48 that is a lot of money…it is really filthy, it seems to have a jiggly back piece…I need another brooch like I need a hole in the head!”   “That is a really nice piece,” replied the enabler. 

“Do you know if they might take less for this?”  “I can give the owner of the booth a call and see.”  “What do you want me to offer them?”  “Let’s go $20.”   Thinking: “they won’t go $20, but might meet me in the middle.” 

After a bit the enabler returns.  “She said she can do $30 and that is as low as they can go.”  My lips then uttered, “Sold!”

It was the filthiest black color I had ever seen and I brought it home and soaked it in my trusty Dawn dish liquid.  After several hours, I could see the silver below the blackness.  The stones have such a sparkle it is almost blinding. 

The pin is made by Regency.  I did a web search on Regency and this is what I found:

Regency jewelry is gorgeous! The company began in the 1950s in New York City and continued until the 1970s. Best known for stunning rhinestones in fabulous colors, vintage Regency jewelry is beloved by collectors. 

And one crafty Cindy in Virginia, too!