scan0001 This week’s MAMMA theme was Man or Men.  I found that I had a hard time being inspired by either of the words until I found this image.  Immediately that jingle started rolling around in my brain…

“How do you handle a hungry man…” (Hungry Man TV Dinners)

It is always amazing to me how inspiration works with my brain.  The background is a dictionary page with the definition of man.  I then inked it with green and burgundy inks to age it a bit.  On top of that are the image and the hand lettered text. 

Doesn’t he look so hopeful?  Like he can take on the world.  Or at least his plate of spaghetti.  I guess he will take life on plate at a time.  One forkful at a time! 

How do you handle a hungry little man…SPAGHETTI!

What are you fixing for dinner tonight?