anissaI have become a lot choosier about my swaps lately.  Mostly, because funds for mailing are a bit tight and also because I have had some bad partners in the past.  Partners that flaked, partners that didn’t reply to e-mails, partners that “phoned it in” and partners that were way too late.  Since I have cut back on my swapping I have been pleasantly surprised. 

May I make a suggestion?  If you cannot participate in the swap that you committed to be honest with your partner.  Don’t ignore us, don’t string us along, just tell us the 411.  And, if possible, send us a gift card to cover our postage for the package we sent to you.  Yes, we are bummed, and even a bit miffed, but if you are honest and try to take some of the sting away we will be okay.  Remember when you were stood up for a big event?  That is how it feels.

Now on to my latest mail goodie!  I am a member of a handmade mermaid doll group on Flickr.  From time to time there are handmade mermaid swaps.  My partner for this swap was Anissa from Australia.  I am so embarrassed as I sent her a note to ask her what we traded before as I remembered her name.  It was a previous mermaid!  Funny, no??

Anissa drew her face and fashioned wire into her hands, gave her a Santa hat and a sassy red bra for her top.  Awesome doll, Anissa!  Another winner!  (P.S. I hope you don’t mind that I used your pic.)


Now on to the swap to consider.  Lately, I have been on a bit of an owl thing.  Don’t know why, but perhaps it is the eyes?  I found an owl swap and chose to join up.  You can create one in any medium that you choose.  You will have one partner for the swap.  Hurry, as the sign ups end on the 14th (Wednesday). 


It is hosted by Meridian Ariel.  If you care to join the details are here


I hope you will.  Especially if you love owls!